At Stone Vintage Music Boutique we love classic drum kits!

You're sure to find a 60's Clubdate or Hollywood Ludwig, Gretsch snares, or even an old school Slingerland on the floor on a regular basis set up with various vintage Zildjian and Paiste cymbals. Along with these retro kits, we want to be sure drummers have a go to location for their at home, studio and live performance needs.

We carry everything from sticks, heads, snare beads and gels, to custom bags and accessories from both independent manufacturers and longtime favorites.

If there's anything you need that we don't have, just let us know and we will work on ordering it in!


At Tackle Instrument Supply, we understand that the relationships musicians forge with their gear is a sacred one and we seek to help protect and further that connection through high-quality, thoughtfully designed cases and accessories.  Inspired by the heritage cases from bygone eras, Tackle goods maintain the classic, simple aesthetic of those early designs but with the integrity and durability of modern production.  

Founded by Scott McPherson in Portland, OR, in 2011, Tackle Instrument Supply now operates out of Minneapolis, MN.  Having toured the world playing drums for Elliott Smith, Bright Eyes, She & Him, Beck and many others, Scott experienced first hand how quickly drum bags could fail him.  He saw that there was a need for durable drum bags that could stand up to heavy use but also capture the timeless look of his favorite old drum bags.  Each item is designed by Scott with the needs and preferences of working drummers/musicians in mind.