This is what inspired the idea of the shop in the first place. The thought of getting vintage guitars into the hands of players young and old, opening that door to the journey of sound and self discovery. There is not much more special than that feeling of strumming the right guitar, Even beyond the sonic waves and carved wood, there is an indescribable energy that exists between you and those strings of your favorite guitar. Whether it's a chipboard case working man's Harmony or a prestigious Gretsch, a porch picking Gibson Parlor or the clean yet cutting Telecaster. Everyone has certain guitars that speak to them, and allow them to speak. 

Our goal is to help you reach that realm. 

Whether it's your first guitar, or maybe just a new sound in your head you're looking to attain.

A guitar you've been eyeing for a long while, or a surprise discovery that just feels right.

We're here for you!